Be a content member of Quarashi Loyalty and Reward Program

Sharing is enriching! Enter the Quarashi Reward program and become a content member of the Quarashi Family. Be wise and refer Quarashi to friends and family. 

Earn a 3% commission in QUARASHI for referrals and mentions on social media. 

Step 1:

Register a new account on our website by clicking here this link:

Register a new Quarashi account

Step 2:

Complete your personal details.

Yes, KYC is necessary in cryptocurrency niche, these is a rule we have to follow.

Complete with your personal details in order to create Quarashi account

Step 3:

Click on “Refferal Link” Tab in your account.

Click on my Quarashi account

Step 4:

Click on “Copy button” and paste it to your friends or share it on Social Media and start earning Quarashi Tokens!

Your Quarashi Tokens will be attributed in your account after each valid purchase made though your referral link.

You can withdraw your QUA tokens into your wallet, anytime you want by sending us an email with your username / account email at

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